It’s safe to say I have a slight Batiste obsession.

With the ginormous size of my hair, it’s probably no wonder I’d rather wear the most ridiculous bun than go and wash it sometimes. So in a casual conversation with my hairdresser last year, I was encouraged to seek out and try their brand of dry shampoo.

The stores I visited had Batiste Blush as the lone choice of fragrance, and I went with that. Having already tried certain domestic dry-washing brands and ended up less than satisfied, I was fairly skeptical. But on first spray I could feel a fresh, floral scent which I really enjoyed. I followed the instructions: from a 30 centimeter distance, spray it into your roots, then use your fingertips to work it all over your head.

I instantly loved the results. It actually felt like I’d just washed my hair – it had the volume, the gloss, and the smell was right. Since then I’ve tried most of Batiste’s fragrances, but Blush, as well as the Original scent, remain favorites that I often use. A convenient bonus is that they also come in smaller, 50ml cans, which are practical for carrying around in my purse and on trips.

In short, these products are absolutely something I recommend, and I would love to hear some of your own experiences with them.

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